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Sausage Nonnas Sausaged Chicago!

Johnsonville & Uber Offered On-Demand Sausage Meals for Chicagoans from Tiny Homes

Sausage Sunday in Chicago on one November weeked took a different, personal and flavorful twist.

A trio of Italian-American Grandmas, well respected for their culinary talent, roamed the streets of Chicago on Sunday, Nov. 8, in their own customized tiny homes, delivering free homemade sausage meals and a one-of-a-kind experience, courtesy of Johnsonville and Uber.

Real-life Italian grandmas – referred to as “Sausage Nonnas” – celebrated Sausage Sunday in mobile fashion, delivering 100+ meals of delicious Italian sausage-based pasta dishes (and hugs) to families and friends who gathered to enjoy a fresh, hot meal in their homes. Chicagoans ordered up their free Nonna-made meal by requesting a Nonna delivery through the Uber app. The Nonnas delivered one of three Italian favorites -- and among the most downloaded pasta recipes from our website. Meet all Nonna Lidia, Antonia and Gina, here.

The partnership marked the first time Johnsonville and Uber collaborated on such an event, which was only available in select Chicago areas. 

How this worked:

  • Over a four-hour period, Chicagoans could request their Sausage Nonna directly through the Uber app by simply selecting the “Nonnas” option on the home screen and then tracked their delivery as the tiny house icon came their way. Many recipients waited on the sidewalk or apartment lobby, anxious to witness and welcome one of the Nonnas and see the tiny home for themselves.
  • On that Sunday, Johnsonville’s “Sausage Nonnas” delivered one of three Johnsonville Sausage specialties -- Sausage Rigatoni, Lasagna or Italian Sausage and Meatballs.
  • This special group of grandmas traveled around in customized tiny Nonna homes, driven by an Uber partner.

We've been asked if Johnsonville hired actresses for this effort. We considered that, but after hosting a casting call for actresses, we decided to instead tap into the local Italian community in Chicago. These are real Nonnas, who cook great, Italian meals, featuring - of course - Johnsonville's ground Italian sausage (mild version).

“Delivering homemade sausage meals throughout the city of Chicago is great in and of itself, but having authentic Italian Nonnas cook and deliver those meals raised the bar to a whole new level,” said Ryan Pociask, senior director of marketing at Johnsonville. “We were proud to worked with Uber on this project and I think all of us - including the Nonnas and well-fed customers - enjoyed a fun-filled Sunday.”

Let us know if you were one of the successful residents who enjoyed one of these homemade, personal deliveries on Sunday (#SausageNonna). What other Italian dishes are among your favorites for any Sausage Sunday!