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Tailgaters Rejoice with Perfect Three-Ingredient Recipe Featuring Beer, Brats & Onions

Johnsonville Brat Hot Tub keeps sausage hot and juicy on the grill from 8 a.m. to game time

Tailgating season is well underway, and while celebrity chefs are promoting their latest grilling recipes featuring exotic ingredients difficult to find, Johnsonville has a recipe with three items every tailgate already has: beers, grilled Johnsonville brats and onions. Simply combine the three together and you have a mouth-watering Brat Hot Tub that will keep your game day sausages tasting great from firing up the grill early in the morning to kick-off.

“Up here in Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about brats, beer and football,” said Johnsonville Grillmaster, Ryan Allison. “This recipe has been a Stayer family tradition for keeping grilled brats juicy and delicious from the moment you take them off the grill throughout your tailgate party.”

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Johnsonville Brat Hot Tub


  • 1 large (11-inch x 9-inch x 2 3/8-inch) aluminum foil baking pan
  • 2 to 3 cans (12 ounces each) beer
  • 1 medium yellow or white onion, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons butter (optional)
  • Johnsonville Brats


  1. Put the pan right on the grill, being careful not to singe your knuckle. Pour in the beer, and add the butter and onions.
  2. Grill your Johnsonville Brats to a juicy, golden-brown perfection.
  3. Serve immediately to your hungry guests and place any remaining brats into the steaming hot tub.
  4. When folks are ready for seconds or thirds – or when stragglers show up late – grab a Johnsonville Brat out of the hot tub and enjoy!

Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage is the No. 1 national sausage brand, featuring: brats, Italian sausage, smoked-cooked links, breakfast sausage, Grillers and meatballs. Johnsonville products are served in 125 professional, college and semi-pro sports stadiums throughout the U.S.

Johnsonville employs approximately 1,600 members. Founded in 1945 by the late Ralph F. and Alice Stayer, the privately held company remains family owned today, providing various sausage products in 40 countries. For additional information, visit