Sheboygan Falls, Wis.,
10:00 AM

Johnsonville Introduces New Logo

Starting in November, there will be a new look in the grocery store meat section, as Johnsonville introduces a new logo across its entire sausage product line.

Ryan Pociask, who leads the company’s marketing team, said the logo evolution is not about communicating any major change with the company or product; but rather to better communicate what the brand has always stood for: A family-owned company that started as a small-town butcher shop in 1945 in the town of Johnsonville, Wis.

“Consumers today are more interested than ever in knowing the companies they buy products from, so we wanted to reflect more of that story in the logo,” said Pociask. “Visually we accomplished that by using an image of our true original butcher shop rather than a non-descript small town image as we have in the current logo.”

What didn’t change in the logo evolution? The maroon-color equity in the current logo, the yellow-colored tray used to package its fresh dinner and breakfast sausages, and a delicious food shot on every label.

While the product formulations have not changed, Johnsonville is communicating more ingredient benefits that consumers have interest in, such as the products that contain no nitrates or nitrites, MSG, artificial colors and flavors, and fillers.

As an independent, family-owned company, Johnsonville and its 1,600 “members” have grown the company from the single-room butcher shop that got its start making bratwurst and summer sausage. Today, the company produces 70+ different varieties – from dinner and breakfast sausage, to fully cooked meatballs and chicken sausage – and sells to consumers and foodservice customers in more than 40 countries.

Pociask stated that the Stayer family owners were very involved from the start in helping evolve the logo, reminding the project team that what they do, matters. “We’ve been around 71 years – long enough for us to learn how to craft the best sausages but also become a great company that does things ‘The Johnsonville Way.’ We plan to keep building on our values that distinguish us from the competition, and our logo is one part of how we can communicate that.”