17:55 PM

WMCA Recognizes a Dozen Johnsonville Trucking Members

The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association - WMCA - recently recognized 12 Johnsonville Trucking drivers for inclusion in the annual President’s Safe Driver Club (PSDC).

 The President’s Safe Driver Club was established in 1996 by the Wisconsin Council of Trucking Safety Supervisors as an outlet to recognize safe professional truck drivers throughout Wisconsin who work for member-companies of the WMCA.  Inclusion in the PSDC honors the accomplishments and safe driving records of these drivers for 2022. Johnsonville had 11 of its Members inducted the previous year. Johnsonville driver Kirk P. celebrated his 25th year being inducted into the PSDC!

To be eligible for this award, a driver must:

·       Be a full-time employee of a member-company with at least three years of service to that company. 

·       Live in Wisconsin or be dispatched from a Wisconsin-based terminal. 

·       Have zero accidents and a clean Motor Vehicle Record indicating zero moving violation citations or warnings for the prior year. 

·       Be nominated for PSDC membership by a company official.  After initial membership has been earned, the driver may accrue additional credits for each consecutive year of safe driving under compliance with these rules. 

 The following Johnsonville Members were recognized for this outstanding achievement and the number of consecutive years of membership in the President’s Safe Driver Club:

·       Kirk P. – 25 years

·       Jim E.– 7 years

·       Dale B.– 2 years

·       David C. – 2 years

·       Traci G. – 2 years

·       Jefferson S. – 2 years

·       Ben T. – 2 years

·       Roger V. – 2 years

·       Curtis W. – 2 years

·       Pat W.  – 2 years

·       Dave G.  – 1 year

·       Trevin S.  – 1 year

The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association is a nonprofit trade association representing the interests of commercial trucking companies within Wisconsin.  The association has 1,200 members, ranging from independent contractors with one truck to companies with thousands of trucks.  The WMCA is affiliated with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in Washington and works with the ATA on federal issues.