Sheboygan Falls,
17:21 PM

Showing Support at Work

Johnsonville Members Form New Love Your Neighbor Team to Support Fellow Colleagues

As Johnsonville Members, we aren’t defined by the instances when everything goes well, but rather when times are difficult and how we respond in those times.

 A group of Johnsonville Members reworked the previous “Trauma Team, "creating the new  “Love Your Neighbor team,” designed to assist Members experiencing unforeseen circumstances. Providing both monetary and non-monetary forms of assistance, the team strives to support those in situations such as natural disaster, injury, or unexpected personal and family crises.

In August, the team organized its first fundraiser for Johnsonville Members who’ve undergone recent hardship by supporting them in the best way we know how: a good ‘ole fashioned Wisconsin brat fry!

The event proved to be another example of how Johnsonville goes much further than operating just as a company or employer. It’s how a family-owned, privately held company does its best work. In addition to the sausage racing and raffle contest, many members donated baked goods and volunteered their time to host the occasion, ensuring that the event was a complete success. Raising $1,350 for our Members in need, the Love Your Neighbor team exceeded expectations and attributed their accomplishment to those who made it possible: “A huge thanks to all the members who participated/donated in this event. - It would not have been a success without you!” – Amanda, a project coordinator on the R&D Project Management team.