Sheboygan Falls, WI,
17:00 PM

Outdoor Cooking Contest Calls for Camp Friendly Recipes


Johnsonville wants to hear from outdoor cooking enthusiasts and see what recipes they enjoy creating with Johnsonville sausage over a campfire, in a cast-iron skillet, on a grill or any other way! The Camp Johnsonville recipe contest runs Oct. 1 - Nov. 22, 2015.

We’re calling on campers, hikers and those who hunt or fish to submit a camp-friendly recipe and photo of their outdoor culinary creation using any Johnsonville sausage variety. Maybe you have a go-to breakfast griddle recipe to start your day, a comforting lunch dish brewing in a Dutch oven, a snack warmed on a stick, or tasty dinner entrée baked to perfection in foil packets. Whatever it is, show us which Johnsonville sausage ingredient would make your recipe better! Contestants may enter as many recipes as they wish, but will only be able to win one prize. All recipes and photos (must be original recipes and photos) can be submitted on this web page form:

Each week, Johnsonville will choose a winning recipe, based on:

1) Ease of preparation (“camp friendliness”) and

2) Overall presentation and visual appeal

Thanks to Camp Chef, these eight weekly prizes – and the grand prize – are fantastic. One lucky recipe winner will receive a Camp Chef item, Johnsonville item and sausage coupons. Camp Chef manufactures outdoor cookware, and also stoves, smokes, and fire pits for the home and patio.

The grand prize winner will take home a Johnsonville golf umbrella, 24-pack cooler, a year’s supply of Johnsonville Sausage, and a Camp Chef Expedition 3-Burner Stove - a prize package valued at $575.

Enjoy the great outdoors this fall season. And we hope to see some wonderful camp-friendly recipes from many of you!