Sheboygan Falls,
18:03 PM

Johnsonville Delivers New Handhelds for C-Stores

Johnsonville has launched two new handheld sandwiches specifically for the convenience store market. The new sandwich varieties – Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage and a Beef Hot Dog – offer a quick, delicious option for those seeking something more substantial on-the-go. Each portable sandwich is packaged in a sealed, microwavable film and features a high-quality, Johnsonville link enrobed in golden-brown bread.

“Our new enrobed handheld sandwiches are a perfect option for in-store displays,” says Austin Van Treeck, Product Marketing Manager for Johnsonville. “With quality ingredients and grab-and-go convenience, these sandwiches are ideal for busy consumers who desire a satisfying meal that can easily be enjoyed without disrupting their daily routine.”

The new, handheld sandwiches are available in two, craveable varieties for c-store operators. The Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage sandwich is made with 100% premium pork that has been naturally hardwood smoked and filled with real cheddar cheese and diced jalapeño peppers. This new product is right on-trend, as the jalapeño cheddar flavor has grown by +63% in menu penetration over the past three years.*

The Beef Hot Dog ready-to-eat sandwich is naturally hardwood smoked and takes advantage of a flavor favorite made even easier to enjoy on-the-go. Hot dogs are the #1 flavor on roller grills, and beef hot dogs are up 5% in penetration over the past four years.*

To learn more, visit the Johnsonville C-Store product page.