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17:00 PM

Bratsgiving: How We Celebrate National Bratwurst Day


August 16 is almost here. Celebrate Johnsonville’s second annual Bratsgiving holiday with flavorful & grilled brats, almost award-winning music and sharing a holiday wish. 

What’s better than a day dedicated to celebrating brats? Celebrating this holiday with Johnsonville. Bratsgiving is Johnsonville’s spin on THE sausage holiday of the year: National Bratwurst Day. To celebrate the holiday spirit, Johnsonville offers various activities for fans to participate in:

The Bratsgiving Ballad

Bratsgiving is such an important holiday to Johnsonville and our fans that we have released a brand-new song, already topping charts and ready to be downloaded to your music library: “The Ballad of Bratsgiving.” Download the song for your music library here and check out the music video on Johnsonville’s Bratsgiving website.


Lyric Contest

For amateur songwriters – or even those feeling they possess superstar talent – Johnsonville invited fans to submit written lyrics via the Johnsonville Facebook page up until July 31 for a chance to be featured in the final verse of this hit song, the "Ballad of Bratsgiving." The winning verse was submitted by Darrin McLellan, of Calais Maine. We recorded his verse and put it to video. Watch it on the Johnsonville Facebook page (Aug. 10 post).


Bratsgiving Wish

Johnsonville plans to make someone’s Bratsgiving holiday wish come true. Consumers are asked to share their Bratsgiving wish on the company’s website form or Facebook page before August 16 at midnight (CT). The lucky winner will get their wish granted just as last year’s Bratsgiving winner did, by surprising her young brother with a brat fry at the military base he had just been stationed at.


E-Cards & Holiday Swag

Would Bratsgiving be a real holiday without e-cards and an online store? We don’t think so. For those looking to build their holiday wardrobe or purchase celebratory items, the Bratsgiving store has both. In addition, there are five different e-cards that give consumers the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, near or far. These e-cards can be found on the company’s Facebook page. Choose a design and greeting, and send it on!


Photo Submissions

After consumers take part in their Bratsgiving festivities, we’re asking them to show us how they celebrated this Bratsgiving by sharing their photos by August 17 at midnight (CT). After the holiday craziness has settled down, these photos may be featured in a post-holiday video that we’ll create and share on all of our social media sites.