Sheboygan Falls, WI,
17:57 PM

Bratfast in Bed? Why Not?


Provide for the man who has provided for you. Johnsonville offers a new tradition this Father’s Day by waking dad up with Bratfast in Bed. 

Johnsonville invites consumers to celebrate their dads with Bratfast in Bed this Father’s Day, June 21. Mix up your Father’s Day traditions of omelets, pancakes and more neckties to provide dad a freshly grilled brat before he leaves his bed. Bratfast in Bed puts a unique spin on an already awesome holiday and gives everyone an excuse to grill up more Johnsonville brats.

But don’t forget to get the grilling started early. Bratfast in Bed gives us all an opportunity for a different type of sausage at breakfast during even the earliest morning hours on Father’s Day. You can even pair dad’s brat with his favorite beverage and one of our favorite mustard flavors to make Bratfast in Bed that much better.

We want to hear from you! Tweet @Johnsonville or post a picture on our Facebook wall of your family’s new tradition and let us know what made your day special with #BratfastInBed.

Watch how one family celebrates Bratfast in Bed in this video.