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Every delicious Johnsonville Brat has been proudly made in the USA since 1945!
*made with pork from U.S. and Canadian farms

And, believe it or not, these tasty sausages have been a part of American history since the very beginning (or so we think).

American Brat History


The Declaration of Independence gets signed, making America America and making a lot of Americans pretty hungry for some quality cooked meats.


America gets more parts of America from England with the Treaty of Paris. This includes Wisconsin, a great place for sausage companies and pickup football games.


America receives an American icon, the Statue of Liberty, from France. Thanks, France. We owe you a brat or two.


Ralph F. Stayer and Alice Stayer start Johnsonville Sausage in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Today, the proudly independent company provides more than 1,800 jobs for Americans and a heck of a lot of sausage for America.


Johnsonville puts the unity in community by paying the salaries of members who were out of work after the Watertown facility burned down.


Johnsonville invents the Firecracker Brat, combining two of the most American things: fireworks and sausage. (There are no actual fireworks in the sausage.)


Johnsonville member Shawn brainstorms the very clever and patriotic tagline: “You can’t spell sausage without USA.” We like it so much we are printing it on t-shirts, the Big Taste Grill, and on displays in stores near you.


Johnsonville member Tammy catches musical lightning in a bottle with her hit single "Johnsonville Brats (Are Made in the USA)."

*made with pork from U.S. and Canadian farms

*made with pork from U.S. and Canadian farms

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*Made with pork from U.S. and Canadian farms.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Made in the USA" mean?

​When you see this statement on Johnsonville products—whether it’s on a sticker or on the actual product label—it means that product was made in our production facilities right here in the United States (made with pork from U.S. and Canadian farms).

How can Johnsonville claim its products are made in the USA if some of the tasty pork is sourced from Canada?

​The actual manufacturing of our products is done in our US-based production facilities. While the majority of our delicious meats come from US farms, some of the pork is from Canada depending upon availability of supply.

But why does Johnsonville source meat from a place that can't decide what ham is?

 ​We purchase pork from a few Canadian farms when supply is limited here in the US. We’re just letting you know because we know folks want to know where their food comes from.

But wait. Is all your meat—beef, chicken and turkey—from both US and Canadian farms?

 The other meatstuffs, such as beef summer sausage or flame-grilled chicken, sourced for production in our facilities is mostly from America. We occasionally source a small amount of beef from Canada.

Are all your products made in the USA?

​For the most part, yes. All of our food that’s sold in the US is made in the US, and is sourced from US and Canadian farms. The tasty meats we export throughout Asia are made here in the US and also come from our manufacturing facilities and suppliers based in Asia.

How did Johnsonville get so American?

​Since its beginnings in 1945, Johnsonville has been owned by the Stayer family, based out of Wisconsin. Ralph F. and Alice Stayer moved from Milwaukee to the small town of Johnsonville (in Sheboygan County) to start their own business and open a butcher shop. Once they started seeing sales of their special bratwurst recipe increase over their beef products, they knew they were on to something. When their son, Ralph C. Stayer, joined the business after college, the Stayers began selling their product outside of Wisconsin, eventually selling in all 50 states and now in more than 40 countries. Johnsonville remains privately owned by the Stayer family today.