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A Summer Sausage Story

It might be hard to imagine now, but before Johnsonville changed the world with bratwurst, there was summer sausage. 


At, you’ll discover the people behind this local favorite as well as some history behind the real-life community of Johnsonville, Wisconsin.


You’ll meet Johnsonville team members that have a combined total of 260 years of experience making sausage. You’ll learn what makes them tick, how they enjoy summer sausage and what it was like to work with Ralph F. and Alice Stayer. You’ll hear about the ice jam of 1959 and the hero of that calamity, a man named “Dynamite Bill.”


Behind the people, tradition and work ethic stands a sausage recipe that has remained unchanged for 70 years. One taste and you’ll discover the flavor that has brought together family and friends for generations.



What was once a local treat is now available online! Order up some delicious Johnsonville Summer Sausage at

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