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Grill Up the Spirit of Summer

The Skinny:

Don't trap summer into a single season! With the right precautions and inspirations, you can have a great reason to grill every day of the year.

The How-To:

For those lucky grillmasters who live in warm climates year-round, not much is needed to keep grilling throughout the year, except the desire and drive for great food. For those who experience the changing seasons and a cold winter wonderland, here are some things to keep in mind as you grill in the cold weather.

Winter Grilling Tips

  • Rearrange Your Space. You may want to move your grill to shorten the distance between the cold outdoors and your warm kitchen. Also, adjust your grill to block cold winter winds. Make sure the pathway from grill to home is appropriately cleaned and shoveled for safety. Remember that a hot grill will melt surrounding snow and ice, plan wisely!
  • Have Extra Fuel. Since your grill will be working harder in colder seasons, have an extra tank of gas or a small kettle grill of hot coals ready. Charcoal users should also plan to have extra coals to maintain the right cooking temperatures.
  • Adjust Your Time. Your grill will take longer to heat up and maintain a constant cooking temperature, so give yourself enough prep and cook time.
  • Dress Appropriately. A grill is hot, but it’s best to dress weather-appropriately. If you’re winter grilling, be mindful to avoid scarves or any other loose bits of clothing that can get into the grill.

Whatever the season, the best way to get grilling is with a great recipe inspiration from Johnsonville. Here are some favorites that will inspire to you keep on grilling and keep the spirit of summer fun!

Summer-Inspired Recipes

Brat Crock

Keeping the brats warm inside.


Wake-Up Frittata

Have a beautiful sunrise every morning with this delicious breakfast.


Sloppy Joes 

Reinvent this standard with the big, bold flavor of Johnsonville smoked sausage instead of ground beef.


Cheese Chicken and Lime Kabobs

This sweet and spicy recipe captures all the flavors of your last summer adventure.


Italian Sausage Caprese Skewer

This definitive summer salad is made even better with Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage.


Chicken Sausage Southwest Surprise

Get bold with your bun and chase the winter blues away with some Southwest heat.


Fresh Tasty Strawberry Chicken Sausage Salad

This light, beautiful and flavorful salad captures the essence of a soothing day outdoors.


Johnsonville Classic Pizza Margherita

Ditch delivery and discover the simple pleasures of making your own pizza.



If regular baklava makes your teeth ache, you’ll love this bratwurst dessert!

Extra Inspiration

If the temperature gets too cold to keep outdoor grilling fun, consider taking it indoors. The Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill is a great way to make perfect sausages and is designed specifically for your favorite Johnsonville products!


If you need extra help to keep grilling throughout the year, consider grilling with the seasons. Follow what types of food are in season in your area and experiment with what’s available. You’ll discover more about your region and hopefully find new flavors you’re never had before!

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