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How To Tailgate Indoors

Brats in a pot

Tailgating is the perfect excuse to enjoy food, friends and sports. Outdoor tailgating is great but can be a challenge, especially when you deal with weather conditions and costs going to a game. Whether your tailgate party is outside or inside, learning how to tailgate ensures a great time for all. If you’re getting ready for an indoor tailgating party, here are some ideas that will help.

Tailgate Essentials

Tailgating is an art. Learning how to tailgate turns any old party into an epic sports celebration. Here’s what you need to cover to set the right mood.


·       Atmosphere. Getting excited for the game is important for a tailgate party. Consider a themed approach to your setup. Go all out in setting up the sports vibe. Team colors, decorations and other memorabilia help make your triumphant cheering that much sweeter.


·       Music. If the look of the tailgate is good, the right music makes it even better. Get your stadium playlist together to duplicate what you would hear if you were there. Or, go your own route and create a playlist that better reflects you and your guests.


·       Food. When it comes to tailgating food, grilling is mandatory. When you’re planning your menu, make sure you’ve got all the courses covered. Consider having the main course served at half time. That way guests won’t get stuffed too soon. Also, make sure you have some lighter options for those that may want to opt out of the wings, burgers or brats.


·       Drinks. Make sure you have a variety of drinks available, especially if you have adults and kids at your tailgate. It might not hurt to encourage BYOB so everyone has their favorite drink on hand.


·       Games. If people want to take a break from the game, make sure there are other activities to do to keep the tailgate party festive. Especially if you have kids at your party, games are essential to keeping little ones occupied.


·       TV. Whatever the screen size, make sure your viewing room has enough seats for everyone to watch comfortably. If there aren’t enough chairs to go around, make sure you’ve got enough blankets and pillows to make use of your floor space.


·       Friends. A tailgate is always best enjoyed with your family and friends. Be sure to follow standard rules of party planning and notify your friends in advance of the big celebration. Have friends willing to help with food or cleaning ensures that you’re willing to host another fantastic indoor tailgate.


Tailgating indoors is a surefire way to guarantee that everything goes exactly as planned. Since you don’t have to deal with things you can’t control like crowds and weather, you’ll have less time to worry and more time to enjoy the party.


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