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How to Store Your Grill

Grill and grilling tools

Whether you’re storing your grill for the season or for a big move, it’s best to know how to store your grill to keep it ready for next time.


The most important thing to prepare your grill for storage is to clean it. Leaving bits of food on your grill can lead to hazards and pests looking for a quick snack. After the grill is clean, fire it up to make sure everything is working and completely dry. For charcoal grills, simply wipe the grill down after cleaning with a soft cloth.


Check the parts on your grill. If they need replacing or repairing, do it now. Charcoal grills get the same treatment. Check vents, traps, chimney starters and the overall structure of the grill. Tighten any loose areas and make sure every moving part is working properly.


Consider coating your grates with cooking oil for added protection. For gas grills, treat your burners and flavor bars as well. This will help to prevent rust. For burners, hoses and other connection parts, wrap them in plastic to avoid nesting from spiders and other unwanted visitors.


Invest in a grill cover and give added protection from the elements. If you already have a grill cover, make sure it is in good shape. Replace it if it has any holes or tears. Remember changing out a grill cover is cheaper than changing your grill!


If possible, it’s best to store your grill indoors, but storing the grill outside is fine too. For safety reasons, gas tanks should be stored outside in a ventilated area. Make sure it’s shut off (or empty) and away from anything that can spark. Also, consider removing the ignitor battery on the grill to prevent corrosion.


Knowing how to store your grill is a great way to extend its life. For those of us that must shut down our grills for the season, just remember that the first cookout of the next season will be phenomenal!

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