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Grill & Grilling Safety

Grilled food

The Skinny:

Tips to stay safe when you grill.

The Breakdown:

There is something primal about grilling. Maybe it’s a way to connect back to our more primitive roots, or a way to show how we’ve tamed the elements, but whatever the reason, all of this is captured in the humble cookout.

While the idea of grilling is associated with good times and a relaxed attitude, we must never forget anything can happen with fire if we’re not prepared.

Here are some things to consider for safe grilling.

  • Know Your Grill. Read your grill’s instruction manual. Many questions (and potential problems) can be avoided by simply following the directions.
  • Check Your Gas. Check all connections and hoses to make sure they are in good condition. Change any brittle hoses and refer to your manual for the best way to inspect for potential gas leaks.
  • Light it Right. If you’re using any type of igniting fluid, be sure to use one specifically made for charcoal. Alternatively, you can use a chimney starter or an electric charcoal starter to avoid any issues with fluid. When using a gas grill, always open the grill before lighting.
  • Keep Your Distance. Grilling should always be done outdoors. Make sure the grill is in a well-ventilated area, at least 10 feet away from your house. Isolate the grill to keep it away from high-traffic areas, children and pets.
  • Release the Grease. Remove any excess grease and debris from the grill after cooking. Grease buildup is an easy way to start an unexpected fire.
  • Dress for Safety. Be aware of the clothes you wear. Any loose shirt tails, sleeves, frills or apron strings might stray where they’re not intended. Wear clothes that fit close to the body and wear flame-retardant mitts or gloves when grilling.

While there are a lot more considerations to take when grilling, these few tips are quick and simple to put them into practice and build great grilling habits.

Until next time, Enthusiasts. Respect the grill.

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