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Essential Grill Tools

The Skinny:

Learn what the most essential grill tools are.

The Breakdown:

Let’s face it: when it comes to grill gear, there’s a lot of junk out on the market. With such a glut of gizmos and junk, it’s hard to figure out what we need to grill up an amazing meal. Luckily, here’s a quick list on the bare necessities of BBQ.

  • Grill Brush. The essential tool for a properly cleaned grilling surface. Used for daily maintenance and deep cleanings.
  • Basting Brush. Slather on that delicious marinade with a nice silicone brush. Long handled brushes save your arms from a potential burn.
  • Tongs. Most grillwork can be done with a good set of tongs. Tongs with long handles are preferred.
  • Spatula. Great for flipping more delicate items like fish and burgers. Get a spatula that’s slotted and flexible.
  • Grill Basket. Don’t sacrifice your food to the grill gods. A grill basket is a great way to grill certain foods like fish and vegetables that can slip between the grates.
  • Thermometer. An instant-read thermometer quickly reads internal temperature with great accuracy. A must-have for hitting the right temperature for grilled perfection and safe food consumption.
  • Chimney Starter. If you have a charcoal grill, a chimney starter is a must to easily prep your coals. Skip the lighter fluid unless you like your food to taste like it.

There are plenty of great tools that can help make your grilling experience easy and fun. However, it doesn’t take much to grill something great.

Until next time, Enthusiasts. Love the simple essentials. Save the flavor injectors, handheld food smokers and artisan charcoal for someone else to buy for you.

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