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Enthusiast of the Month

Meet Shari, June's Super Enthusiast!

About Shari

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wi, Shari now lives in West Bend. A huge fan of football, baseball and racing, Shari lives dangerously—she’s a Vikings fan in the heart of Packer country! Shari’s hardy upbringing gives her the advantage to enjoy year-round grilling. A season just isn’t enough! Shari enjoys riding her Harley and is currently trying to figure out how to tow a grill behind her bike. Her passion for enjoying Johnsonville outside can be summed up in her personal tagline: Gas is for cooking; charcoal is for grilling!

Why Shari Is Our Enthusiast of the Month

Shari’s been a Johnsonville fan for as long as she can remember and attributes her strong relationship with Johnsonville to her dad. Shari says, “One day back in 1974 dad went shopping and came home with Johnsonville Brats when his usual product was not available. After we ate them, we never went back! It was Johnsonville or nothing from that point on.”


Shari’s dedication to great food and great times stems from her love of the grill. According to Shari, “Give me a bag of charcoal, and I can create a meal. Whether it’s brats, Italians, or Grillers, when meal time comes, no one is leaving hungry!” Shari enjoys the variety of Johnsonville products and enjoys the big, bold flavors of Johnsonville for breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper. Share believes that “Johnsonville products are the best way to start a party or end a day.”

“One day back in 1974 my dad went shopping and came home with Johnsonville Brats... It was Johnsonville or nothing from that point on.”

Shari’s Favorite Johnsonville Moment

For Shari, new experiences with friends and family make everything better. Shari remembers her first chance to try some new Johnsonville products. “I was offered the chance to try out the Grillers before they were sold to the general public, so I invited my best friend and her family to try them with me. We made an event out of it during a weekend that included having the kids pick out all the fixings to go with them. It was the first time ever that I had salsa on a brat.”


Thanks for sharing your passion and for being Johnsonville’s June Enthusiast of the Month!

Could You Be Our Next Enthusiast Of The Month?

Maybe you have created the best recipes, have the best cooking tips or tailgating ideas. How do you make Johnsonville yours?

Anyone can eat Johnsonville, but do you live Johnsonville? If your love of Johnsonville runs through each and every part of your life, you just might have what it takes to be an Enthusiast of the Month.

Let us know how you live Johnsonville. Do you have the best recipes, cooking tips or tailgating ideas? Share your story with us!

How do you make Johnsonville yours? Show us your true colors—you can be a part of Johnsonville history!

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