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Enthusiast of the Month

Meet Ronnie, Enthusiast of the Month!

Enthusiast of the Month winner

About Ronnie:

Ronnie is a hard-working, no-nonsense Enthusiast from North Lewisburg, Ohio. With a love for professional rodeo, Ronnie’s been in the business for over 18 years as an announcer and is also involved in producing exciting bull riding shows and motorsports events. Ronnie also works in radio and TV, lending his voice and expertise in commercials, music videos and other promotions.

Why Ronnie Is Our Enthusiast of the Month:

Ronnie’s been a lifelong fan of Johnsonville Sausage. Johnsonville Brats have always been welcome in his family’s home. Now that he’s got a home of his own, family and friends can expect the big, bold Johnsonville flavor in almost every meal that’s served up!

To Ronnie, any time is a great time to grill. He says that he’s “been known to get home at 3 a.m. from a rodeo and grill brats, be up at 8 a.m. to cook sausages, and any time throughout the day pack a camping grill and a cooler to the job site or rodeo.” Ronnie loves that Johnsonville Sausage goes great in almost any meal and is always looking for a reason to fire up the grill.

“Ronnie’s been a lifelong fan of Johnsonville Sausage. Johnsonville Brats have always been welcome in his family’s home.”

Ronnie's Favorite Johnsonville Moment

“The most fun times grilling brats are always around the various rodeo crews that I get to work with year in and year out. Everybody has to eat. We're always tired of the expensive ‘fair food,’ so usually once a year someone brings out a big grill, and we'll cook brats for the crew before or after the show. The laughs and stories told about rodeo during those times are priceless memories.”

Thanks for sharing your passion about brats and for being Johnsonville’s October Enthusiast of the Month!

Could You Be Our Next Enthusiast Of The Month?

Maybe you have created the best recipes, have the best cooking tips or tailgating ideas. How do you make Johnsonville yours?

Anyone can eat Johnsonville, but do you live Johnsonville? If your love of Johnsonville runs through each and every part of your life, you just might have what it takes to be an Enthusiast of the Month.

Let us know how you live Johnsonville. Do you have the best recipes, cooking tips or tailgating ideas? Share your story with us!

How do you make Johnsonville yours? Show us your true colors—you can be a part of Johnsonville history!

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