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Enthusiast of the Month

2016 Kicks Off With Kelly!

About Kelly

Kelly is a Midwest native from Champaign, Illinois who is a recent transplant to New Jersey. She’s a self-made culinary pro with over 20 years in the catering business and has even spent time running her own restaurant. While enjoying the picturesque views in her cottage on the lake, Kelly’s always taking her passion for food to new heights, creating recipes, writing and blogging about all the delicious things life has to offer!

Why Kelly Is Our Enthusiast of the Month

Kelly has been a fan of Johnsonville since high school and has been buying brats since she was first on her own when she was 18. Kelly says, “Johnsonville products never let me down. They are always top quality and have the flavor that is promised. They take great care and pride in their product, and they care about what people think and want. A rarity, indeed.”


Out of all the different Johnsonville flavors out there, Kelly enjoys brats the most. According to Kelly, “the brats just have no competition! It's Johnsonville or ‘fahgettaboudit.’" Kelly uses Johnsonville products to help her create tons of delicious recipes she shares on her blog She has over 30 recipes that use Johnsonville Sausage as a key ingredient!

“Seeing someone else's face light up and sharing them with someone who has never had them before is the best experience of all.”
Sausage casserole

Kelly’s Favorite Johnsonville Moment

“One of my favorite moments was when I met my husband. He's mostly from the West Coast and had never had a Johnsonville brat before. I grilled those babies to perfection, and I wish I could've gotten a pic of his face when he took his first bite! I had bragged up those brats big time, and he was STILL shocked at how good they were! He said he had never in his life had a brat that good! Seeing someone else's face light up and sharing them with someone who has never had them before is the best experience of all.”


Thanks for sharing your passion about brats and for being Johnsonville’s January Enthusiast of the Month!



Could You Be Our Next Enthusiast Of The Month?

Maybe you have created the best recipes, have the best cooking tips or tailgating ideas. How do you make Johnsonville yours?

Anyone can eat Johnsonville, but do you live Johnsonville? If your love of Johnsonville runs through each and every part of your life, you just might have what it takes to be an Enthusiast of the Month.

Let us know how you live Johnsonville. Do you have the best recipes, cooking tips or tailgating ideas? Share your story with us!

How do you make Johnsonville yours? Show us your true colors—you can be a part of Johnsonville history!

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