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Enthusiast of the Month

Meet Diana, November's Super Enthusiast!

About Diana

Diana is from Browerville, Minnesota and is a hard-working domestic engineer. She’s always ready to have some quality Johnsonville time with family or friends (she’s always got extra brats and breakfast sausage in the freezer just in case), and is happily married to her husband, Carl.

Why Diana Is Our Enthusiast of the Month

Johnsonville sausages have always been a must-have item at Diana’s house. She’s been enjoying the big, bold flavors of Johnsonville for as long as she can remember. Diana loves that Johnsonville products are loaded with flavor. The brats and breakfast sausages have been her family’s go-to products for a long time. According to Diana, “The beef brat is my favorite. They are always juicy and perfectly seasoned.”


Diana’s always ready to whip up some brat-tastic goodness any day of the year, but if she had to choose, Diana’s favorite season to grill would be summer. “We love cooking Johnsonville on the open fire of the fire pit. They’re always a requested favorite when the family comes over for visits. In winter we microwave them, and they always stay juicy and tasty!” 

“We love cooking Johnsonville on the open fire of the fire pit. They’re always a requested favorite when the family comes over for visits.”

Diana’s Favorite Johnsonville Moment

One of the best things about Johnsonville is the versatility. No matter how much or how little you add to it, it’ll still be a masterpiece. Diana loves a great carefree time with delicious food. “About 11 years ago we had all the kids over—our kids, our nieces and nephews—and that night we fired up the pit and sat around cooking brats and talking. I could relax knowing nothing special had to be done. With Johnsonville, you can serve it with chips or potato salad. You can dress it up or have it as is. More people should try Johnsonville at least once. Once is all it takes, and you’re hooked on the flavor, aroma and the awesome taste!”


Thanks for sharing your passion and for being Johnsonville’s November Enthusiast of the Month!


Could You Be Our Next Enthusiast Of The Month?

Maybe you have created the best recipes, have the best cooking tips or tailgating ideas. How do you make Johnsonville yours?

Anyone can eat Johnsonville, but do you live Johnsonville? If your love of Johnsonville runs through each and every part of your life, you just might have what it takes to be an Enthusiast of the Month.

Let us know how you live Johnsonville. Do you have the best recipes, cooking tips or tailgating ideas? Share your story with us!

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