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Enthusiast of the Month

Meet Christine, Enthusiast of the Month

About Christine

Christine is from Sterling Heights, MI but has a strong affinity to the sun, sand and surf of Matlacha, FL. Christine is a lifetime Detroit Lions fan and former AFL cheerleader. After her dad gave her mostaccioli dish the secret victory over her mother’s dish, she discovered the awesome flavor and power of the sausage swap—and has been grilling and experimenting with sausage dishes ever since. Christine is also a self-proclaimed “Social Media Blonde Bombshell.” You can find her on Twitter @ckpep10 and Instagram @ckpep showing off recipes and interacting with other Johnsonville Enthusiasts.

Why Christine Is Our Enthusiast of the Month 

Christine has been living Johnsonville since the snack sausage has been served at Christmas parties when she was six years old. Now, Christine’s a straight up Sausage Super Hero. She loves using Johnsonville products to make her dishes come out on top. Christine says, “When friends and family notice the quality of your meals, it makes you feel good about your food. It ain’t bragging when it’s true!”

Grilling isn’t just a seasonal thing to Christine. Simply put, “It’s a MUST.” She loves the versatility of Johnsonville Italian Sausage. According to Christine, she uses Italian sausage “in casseroles, appetizers, meals, side dishes and my famous Lovin’ Stuffin’ cups.”

While the Italian sausage is a personal favorite, she’s happy to use a variety of flavors and styles. Christine says that she “uses the premade meatballs in subs and appetizers and the fully cooked breakfast sausages for quick breakfast burritos for my active kids. Johnsonville makes memories.”

“When friends and family notice the quality of your meals, it makes you feel good about your food. It ain't bragging when it's true!”

Christine’s Favorite Johnsonville Moment

“We brought our Johnsonville grilling kit and sausages to my in-laws’ lakefront home because we know my father-in-law LOVES to grill. He was so excited to wear the apron and grill up dinner, and we were happy to show off what we could add to his grilling game. It was a super family grilling lakeside supper!”


Thanks for sharing your passion and for being Johnsonville’s March Enthusiast of the Month!

Could You Be Our Next Enthusiast Of The Month?

Maybe you have created the best recipes, have the best cooking tips or tailgating ideas. How do you make Johnsonville yours?

Anyone can eat Johnsonville, but do you live Johnsonville? If your love of Johnsonville runs through each and every part of your life, you just might have what it takes to be an Enthusiast of the Month.

Let us know how you live Johnsonville. Do you have the best recipes, cooking tips or tailgating ideas? Share your story with us!

How do you make Johnsonville yours? Show us your true colors—you can be a part of Johnsonville history!

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