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Enthusiast of the Month

Carl the Great Bratsgiver

About Carl

August is a special month for Enthusiasts. As summer starts winding down, the holiday of Bratsgiving is there to fire up some special holiday spirit and get the grills roaring!

For those in the know, your friends at Johnsonville took the normal celebration of National Bratwurst Day (August 16) and flavorized it to the fullest. Bratsgiving has become the holiday that brings Enthusiasts together.

In the past there have been brat wreathes, songs and other epic odes to the humble bratwurst, but for 2016, Bratsgiving is officially LEGENDARY.

Carl the Great Bratsgiver is our Enthusiast of the Month because he is the literal embodiment of all the fun, hard work and deliciousness that comes from Johnsonville Sausage.

Instead of spoiling all the Bratsgiving cheer, read The Legend of Carl the Great Bratsgiver illustrated storybook!

In keeping with the spirit of Carl the Great Bratsgiver, Johnsonville is also running a special Bratsgiving contest with Albertsons. Share your Bratsgiving wish and it just might come true!
Wish upon the Wishing Grill and learn more.

“America has a new addition to favorite folk heroes like Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed and John Henry—his name is Carl, the Great Bratsgiver!”
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