the great bratsgiver

Most holidays have a special character, so we're excited for you
to meet Carl, the Great Bratsgiver, in this illustrated storybook.


Get to know carl the great bratsgiver

Bratsgiving is upon us, and the jolly man who grills is coming to town. The Johnsonville members who brainstormed this character invite you to meet Carl, the Great Bratsgiver, the official character of Johnsonville's Bratsgiving holiday.

Carl the Bratsgiver's arm

What makes this Bratsgiving holiday character so special?

Carl the Bratsgiver's arm

Sniff. Sniff. Indeed, there is a special smell behind this Bratsgiving character.

Carl the Bratsgiver's arm

Just look into this character's eyes and you'll see the Bratsgiving holiday spirit!

Carl the Bratsgiver's arm
Day job

What exactly does Carl the Great Bratsgiver do on this special sausage holiday?

Carl the Bratsgiver's arm

This holiday hero has a special characteristic ideal for this grilling holiday.