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Big Taste Grill Team

Denny is proud to return to driving the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill. As a Wisconsin native he definitely loves both the original brats and smoked sausage but his favorite is the Johnsonville breakfast sausage with eggs and bacon.

"The Big Taste Grill is iconic! Driving this beauty (truck) is a treat and she really does love it when everyone waves and honks in support of her. These ladies (trucks) have been all over and I am proud again to be behind her wheel."

Denny is a huge fan of college football and proud to be supporting the SEC even if he bleeds red as a badger.

Jay is excited to become a member of the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill team with numerous years behind a grill and on the road. He enjoys many things from sports and outdoor activities to learning about culture and visiting historical sites while traveling.

"There is nothing better than traveling the country and visiting with some amazing people along the way. From a small town to a large city, the uniqueness and beauty within our country is breathtaking at times."

He loves what he does because of the people he meets, the places he sees, and the passion for grilling he loves to share. You can always find some kind of Johnsonville product in his fridge, but he really enjoys the Cheddar Cheese and Bacon sausage the most. Look for him and share your favorite grilling story!

Kris joins the Big Taste Grill team with enthusiasm and experience. He brings his international flavors as an experienced chef to the Big Taste Grill. A few interesting tidbits about Kris: he served in the United States Navy, he loves learning new languages, meeting new people, and sharing a meal with strangers.

"Food is such a unifier. I've been around the world, fed and have been fed by complete strangers. Nothing nourishes my soul more than creating a dish, and making friends over food. I am honored to join the prestigious ranks of Johnsonville Grillmasters. I truly believe in the Johnsonville Way and can't wait to bring joy to those we encounter on our travels."

When Kris isn't in the kitchen or behind the grill, you'll find him exploring national parks, brewing cider or gaming. If you do find him behind the grill, chances are he's making his signature "Smoked Scotch Eggs" using Johnsonville all-natural hot Italian sausage.

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