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Suzy Shelstad is a born and raised farm girl from Wisconsin and a tried-and-true Packer Backer! She is thrilled to be joining the team as the new Grill Master as she's grown up grilling and enjoying many delicious Johnsonville products.

"Suzy loves interacting with people from all over the country and really strives to make that personal connection with everyone she meets. If you're lucky enough to cross paths with her, be sure to ask her about her many entertaining stories both from the road and on the farm."

During her time off, Suzy can be found riding her Harley as well as enjoying most any other kind of motorsports.

Al Acosta is a Houston based truck driver with more than 23 years of driving experience.

"Al got a taste of the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill during a three-month tour in 2015 and is back for more this year. He loves the many smiles, waves and thumbs-up signals he receives while driving the Big Taste Grill and would like to reiterate that, yes, that thing really is a grill!"

Al and his wife have been married for 36 years. They have three daughters and four grandchildren.

Josh is a born and raised Wisconsinite that loves everything Wisconsin - from sports to the great outdoors. He is a family man first, but also likes to get out and chase Walleye and Muskie.

"No matter if it's -10° and snowing or the perfect Wisconsin 75°, you can find Josh near a grill."

He grew up eating Johnsonville brats and can't wait to share that great taste throughout the country this year!

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