Tastes Way Better
Than Regular Sundays.

Your Family and Sausage Sunday

Sausage Sunday is a day of sausage. And family. And also, sausage. Just swap out the meat from your everyday recipes and swap in delicious Johnsonville Sausage.

It's a great way to bring family together. And it tastes way better than regular Sundays.

Sausage Sunday


Cooking Tips As Seen On

The Rachael Ray Show

Simple Swaps and Sausage Sunday

Sausage Sunday is an easy way to improve your everyday recipes and bring family together. And it was recently featured on The Rachael Ray Show! Watch these videos to find out how a simple swap can turn Sunday into Sausage Sunday. Or check out some recipes above.


Family Photos

Family and Sausage

Here are photos of sausage families who came together on Sausage Sunday.

Submit your sausage family photos by tweeting or posting them with the hashtag #SausageSunday. Or you can upload them here.