Meet the Johnsonville Members who make great sausage. Our Members are also responsible for making our products, our processes, our communities and each other - better. Now we've asked them to help us create our commercials. And we're proud of their work.


Member Commercials

Johnsonville TV Spots Made the Johnsonville Way

Made in The USA

Four-year Johnsonville member Tammy takes patriotism to high notes in her awesome musical commercial. It starts in a park where a girl asks her mother, “Where are Johnsonville Brats made?” The mother could tell her they’re made in the USA or... she could sing it! Pretty soon the whole town joins the musical ensemble, including an iconic 300-foot-tall statue.

Guess The Price of That Food

This one comes from nine-year Johnsonville member Cole and takes us back to the 1970s for an episode of Guess the Price of That Food. Naturally, it features everyone’s favorite things: guessing, sausage, and even more sausage.

Ruben & The Receders

This Flame Grilled Chicken spot comes from Todd, who has worked in the Johnsonville transportation department for nearly 22 years. Todd thought our new Flame Grilled Chicken deserved a new rock ballad just as fiery. And boy, he and his real-life bandmates delivered. It’s music. It’s mayhem. It’s chicken.

Jeff and His Forest Friends

This spot stars 18-year member Jeff himself, sharing a tale of sausage and friendship. He's in the woods conversing with various forest friends about the company's new Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage links and patties. "I thought it'd be funny to have a commercial with talkin' animals." His co-workers now call him Hollywood.

New Neighbors

This spooky one comes from 14-year Johnsonville member and production coordination Melissa. Her spot demonstrates how a flavorful Italian sausage-based recipe can bring anyone - including scary neighbors - together to share a meal.

Ralph C Stayer

Owner & Chairman Ralph Stayer got a bit emotional upon hearing that Johnsonville Members would highlight the brand's 2016 ad campaign.

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Made the Johnsonville Way | Behind-The-Scenes

It started with hundreds of interviews in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, and ended with a car chase, a haunted house and a man talking to his animal friends in the forest. See how the “Made the Johnsonville Way” campaign came to life. Commercials... Made the Johnsonville Way, explained here.