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5 Essential Tailgate Foods


When it comes to tailgating, everyone’s got their own ideas to what makes the perfect party. Whether it’s awesome decorations, fun games or a sweet setup, there are tons of things that can make a tailgate more comfortable and memorable.

However, if your food’s not on point, then any extras you provide only muffle the rumblings of your friends’ hungry groans. Remember this important tailgating tip: sports fans tailgate with their stomachs. Full bellies, cold drinks and a great game create the perfect trifecta that magnifies life’s simple pleasures.


Not sure what to serve up? Here are some Johnsonville tailgating recipes that will make any tailgate a success.



Why it’s needed:

Here’s another tailgate tip—meat makes magic happen. Whatever your fancy, some serious protein on the grill stops hunger and sets the mood for an excellent tailgate. 


Brats, Italian Sausage, Grillers, Fully Cooked Links, Flame Grilled Sausage


Brat Hot Tub

Why it’s needed:

No one wants a cold brat. And you don't want to miss mingling with your guests by manning the grill the entire time. A brat hot tub keeps sausages warm and ready while giving them an extra kick of flavor. Perfect when grilling with guests.


Johnsonville Brat Hot Tub, Beer Chaser Brat Hot Tub, Bloody Mary Brat Hot Tub, Italian Sausage Hot Tub



Why it’s needed:

A great pot of chili warms the soul and fills the belly. Perfect for those cold weather tailgates. Also, chili can be made in advance, making your game day prep even easier.


Chiliville Chili, MVP Chili, Hearty Sausage Chili, Mystic Flame Chili, Scott’s Southern Style Chili



Why it’s needed:

Has there even been a tailgate without chips? Dip helps punch up the light munching before the main dishes are ready. Great dips keep guests moving and interacting as they agree how awesome the dip is. Bonus points for being able to prepare this beforehand.


Cheese Game Time Sausage Dip, Kick Off Sausage Dip, Johnsonville’s Giddy Up Horsey Hummus, Creamy Summer Sausage Dip



Why it’s needed:

Who needs plates when you’ve got toothpicks? Meatballs are a great portable snack, or they can be combined with other items to make a more filling meal. Either way, meatballs are a must!


Johnsonville BBQ Meatball Sliders, Johnsonville Sausage Balls, Italian Sausage Lollipops, Johnsonville Party Meatballs, Pineapple Ginger Meatballs



Want more great tailgating recipes? Johnsonville’s got you covered! Check out our Tailgating Food Recipes..


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