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About Kristen
Kristen is from Staten Island, NY and enjoys creating recipes, traveling, hockey and crocheting. She loves cooking and baking, continuing the family traditions passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. Kristen is always on the hunt for new recipe inspirations to add to her personal cookbook or to wow her guests at get-togethers. Whatever the occasion, Johnsonville Sausage is always on the menu!
Why Kristen Is Our Enthusiast of the Month
Kristen has been a life-long fan of great sausage since her family’s tradition of Sunday pasta dinners. Kristen and her grandmother would create the perfect meat sauce, learning early on that sharing a great meal with family makes everything taste better. Kristen is a big fan of Johnsonville Chicken Sausage, using it as a central ingredient to many personal recipes. According to Kristen, “I love Johnsonville because of the wide variety of products that are offered.  I love having the option to buy fully cooked products as well as frozen meats and sausages.”
When it comes to grilling, Kristen is the resident grillmaster. She loves grilling for family and friends. She’s the person everyone looks to for new and exciting grilling recipes. Her family and friends drool over her personalized grilling menus!
When confronted with an empty gas grill at her rental cabin on a trip to Maine, Kristen saved the day by taking her grilling skills to an open campfire! After a potential disaster was avoided, everyone was able to enjoy phenomenal sausages and grillers.
“When confronted with an empty gas grill at her rental cabin on a trip to Maine, Kristen saved the day by taking her grilling skills to an open campfire! ”
Kristen’s Favorite Johnsonville Moment
“My favorite Johnsonville moment was when I won a cooking contest, and the prize was many free Johnsonville coupons.  I got to taste a lot of products and create new recipes using all of them.  I got hooked onto some of my new favorite things.  I was thrilled the prize was from Johnsonville!”
Thanks for sharing your passion and for being Johnsonville’s February Enthusiast of
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